Innovation Ecosystem Energizing Business Upgrade to “Increase Efficiency, Improve Effect”

The standalone website full-link innovation ecosystem for digital marketing that subverts the traditional model and helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, from intelligently establishing websites to improving marketing and management efficiency with media API, to user management, data analysis, etc., throughout the entire process of digital marketing.
  • 1. Internet Digital Infrastructure

    • No need for IT, self-serve construction of high-quality websites 
    • Microsoft cloud server, overseas opening speed ≤3s
    • Up to the standard, with a score of over 85 
    • Effect module design, website retention rate increased by 35%

    To support the enterprises to take the preemptive opportunities and improve website conversion rate!

  • 2. Internet Digital Traffic Operation

    • Accurately attract customers through several channels of public domain and private domain
    • Make an efficient management of traffic through API without VPN

    • Explore deeply industry standards to evaluate cross-media conversion effect

    • Make an intelligent selection according to the public attention to realize an efficient conversion into orders at low cost

    • Make the AI intelligent optimization to maximum ROI

    To create a new scenario for enterprises to attract customers with a lower cost, and increase the marketing effect by 40%!

  • 3. Internet Digital Brand Construction

    • Full-link operation service for brand construction
    • Facebook/YouTube brand channel construction
    • Efficient creation of high-quality innovative materials
    • One-click synchronous issuance on several platforms without VPN
    • Make an accurate description of followers to directly connect with potential customers

    To improve the brand influence and shorten the transaction cycle!

  • 4. College of Internet Digital Marketing

    • Stimulating enterprise talent training with the knowledge
    • 3000 original audio and video courses
    • 200 live lectures by famous teachers
    • 4.2 million views
    • A connector, education field for enterprises

    To improve the practical ability of foreign trade personnel in overseas enterprises and get more orders!

Chenggongyi Overseas Marketing Master - B2C Solution

Basic 0-1

Basic of Primary Leap

Website construction - Shopify standalone website

Basic thirdpartnar —commissioned operation + thirdpartnar service

Material basis—video creation, channel operation

SAAS service—intelligent early warning, diagnostic report, account monitoring

Energization with knowledge—entry-level training

Achieving the effect

The effect of fully showing capacities is achieved

Website construction—Shopify standalone website

Thirdpartnar for the effect—thirdpartnar service of media integration

Material basis—video creation, channel operation

SAAS service—intelligent early warning, diagnostic report, account monitoring, risk control

Energization with knowledge—customized training, famous case library

Exclusive customization

Items of exclusive customization

Video Production—live action video

Material overlay—commissioned material creation (picture, video)

Live streaming—live-streaming e-commerce

Branding events—branding challenges, stickers

Cooperation with Internet celebrities—KOL, KOC cooperation

Honors and Qualifications

20 years, 800 people. Being focusing, being professional

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Customer Cases

We have helped 12,000 companies go overseas successfully
Successful Case- Steel Industry

Successful Case- Steel Industry

Achieving 200+ monthly inquiries in Google within one quarter CMETAL,…

“Thanks to Chenggongyi. An opportunity for development was given to us when we encountered bottlenecks in a dilemma. Before that, our company has cooperated with many agents. The service by Chenggongyi is really very professional. We are very satisfied. It is quite important for us to establish the cooperation with right partners!” ----- Mr. Lin, Deputy General Manager of CMETAL

Successful Case - Fitness Equipment

Successful Case - Fitness Equipment

To realize the synchronized development of brand effect and actual sales…

“We made a wise choice. Foreign trade business requires persistence and the effect can be seen. The customer quality and single amount are both satisfactory. It really give us a support to solve the current predicament, and we has a new direction.” ----- Director Li, Director of H Company

Successful Case - Construction Machinery

Successful Case - Construction Machinery

To gradually become famous overseas by virtue of YouTube video marketing…

“With the popularity of video marketing, our company has also invested a lot of energy and manpower in YouTube operations, but the results often failed to meet expectations. Fortunately, we met Chenggongyi. It has not only a professional team but also rich experiences of operations. Thanks to that, our company has enhanced the influence of overseas brands in YouTube!” -----Mr. Zhang, Head of Marketing Department

Successful Case- Steel Industry

Successful Case - Fitness Equipment

Successful Case - Construction Machinery

Brand Customers

Brand Customers

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